Rainbow Serpent Lookbook

Let's take a trip through space and time, across the rainbow skies in search of the most divine. Let's relish in crystal clear pools of wonder, that have been blessed upon us from the heavens above. Who've bestowed a light within our souls, allowing us to emanate an unconditional love.

Peer into the magical land of Dreamtime and open up your heart to the world that is The Rainbow Serpent Festival. Creative minds travel far and wide to the five day Australian Art and Music celebration of community, unity, and diversity. Indulge in our inspired looks and allow the sacred colors to seduce your senses.

Puff the Magic Hats Collab

Camila with puffy earrings

Mosaic Mammi

Pink Face Gem and Glitter Makeup

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Girl Gang

Vapor Wave Hotties

Little Black Diamond Girls

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Ride or die babe

Blue haired beauty

Foxy Bodysuit

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Polychrome Twiggy Dress

Last Chance Sale Hottie

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Mega babe enjoying the sun

Rainbow Bikini Bottoms

Twiggy babes looking for a ride somewhere warm

Black Kiki Bottom Booty

Polychrome Nirvana Bodysuit

Amethyst Twiggy Dress

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Amethyst Shag Jacket

Day Dreamer Bikini Bottoms

Do you wanna ride with me

Nirvana Bodysuit

Puff the magic hats

Heartbeat sequin Dust Bunny Mask

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Mimosa Romper

Espionage Bodysuit

90's sunnies bb

Rainbow bffs

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Mushroom pasties lady

Bubble Shag Jacket

Rainbow sticker hottie


Watermelon Pasties

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Black Demonia Stompers

All Black Everything

Illusion Pants in Black Mesh

Studio 54 Top

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Photography: The Empress
Makeup: Sophia Ciuffa & Genesis Canty
Accessories Collab: Puff Magic Hats
Hair Collab: Braid Babes