Stories From Our Customers Vol. 2

Here at Little Black Diamond we dedicate ourselves to creating innovative designs that are universally flattering. All of our garments are produced here in sunny San Diego, and are made sustainability and environmentally friendly.

It is our mission to ensure that everyone involved in the creating process of all of our products receives a living wage. This paired with the high quality materials that we use are why some of our prices are more than our competitors. However, our clothing speaks for itself, and our customers agree. Here are a few of our favorite customer stories from this past month.

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Smiley Body Suit in Acid

Take a trip and check out our bodysuits >>

Heartbeat Sequin Dust bunny Mask

Ditch the dust and check out our Dust Bunny Mask Collection >>

Labyrinth Hood in geode

Come explore all of our shiny hoods >>

Check out our hand made pasties collection >>

Pineapple Pasties

Come see our intergalactic Sputnik Bottoms while supplies last

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