Start saving your money--the new Electric Daisy Carnival camps offer glamping only

Pasquale Rotella announced today that Electric Daisy Carnival would be taking place May 18th through the 20th in 2018--a whole month earlier than previous years, and the weekend before Lightning in a Bottle.

Insomniac Events revealed they will also offer campsites, RV camping and sound camps (sounds dope). But start saving your money now. An inside source close to Little Black Diamond revealed "it's going to be glamping only."

Despite news of this high financial barrier, I welcome these much needed changes. EDC has been the quintessential rave for decades in the United States. The community supporting it is evolving, along with its needs for a successful party weekend.

Even if you don't have the money for glamping, Rotella said they are hiring "an independent company that specializes in the largest music and sporting events in the country" to handle the shuttles. This is a huge relief. I've used the shuttles in the past departing from the Linq and the Aria, with mixed results. Sometimes they're prompt and sometimes they never come. One early morning the shuttles departing the rave were so late and I was so tired. My body was completely spent. I found a event map in the shuttle line and made an impromptu sleeping pad out of it in the dirt. Rough times.

The May date will also mean much cooler weather (climate change willing). I used to dress up in more elaborate costumes at raves because I was excited to express myself through fashion. Little did I know I'd be trying to pee during a come up in a piping hot porto potty, in a wig, in 100 degree weather AND during a fucking fireworks show later that night. It was hell!

I spent my final year at EDC Las Vegas furtively smoking joints in the grassy area and sticking to small art cars for dancing vibes. I loved the major headliners but the vastness and teeming sea of infinite people at the main stage gave me and my friend so much anxiety we literally threw up. Coupled with the stress of entering and exiting the speedway every single night, I was over it. EDC and I were done, like two abused lovers, heartbroken and fucking sick of each other. I vowed never to return.

But this announcement today changes things. Perhaps I will be returning to Electric Daisy Carnival in 2018 after all...instead of the Do Lab's Lightning in a Bottle.