Selling Out

What is a “sellout”? A sellout is someone who turns their back on their friends, family, customers and followers who had previously helped them grow and thrive in favor of money. A sellout snatches at whatever they can get, and is motivated by selfishness. A sellout is someone who only cares for one person: themselves.

At Little Black Diamond, we’ve been grinding hard for the past three years growing our company in San Diego from scratch. We have come a long way in that time. We’ve vastly improved the quality, fit and designs of our clothing. We’ve created unique pieces to make you feel gorgeous and invincible the moment you put them on. And we let the love and the joy shine through in everything we create. That is the difference between us and our competitors--they copy whatever clothing they can to make a quick buck. We strive to bring you exciting new designs that others can only attempt to copy months later.

Our clothing is NOT mass-produced--it is ethically made locally here in San Diego. Our workers are given fair pay. They create in a safe, healthy environment and construct our products with the highest quality. That is something bigger companies do not do. These giants construct their product overseas and often do not treat their workers with compassion. They sell their products at slightly lower price--but at what cost?

We strive to provide you with the best customer service possible, and many people will tell you that we outshine other companies in this area too. Why? Because we care more about just making a quick buck. We don’t care about just ourselves. We care about YOU, too! We want you to wear our clothing and be happy! We want you to adventure in our swimwear and dance in our sequins. We want you to get dressed and get inspired. We believe happiness, self love and self empowerment are rights for everyone, not privileges.

We are still growing and we are working night and day to bring you outfits that make your festival experience memorable. We continue our endeavours in our tiny warehouse in San Diego, and it is not easy. But we believe in our creations, and believe our clothing can inspire our customers to achieve epic things!

Thank YOU for supporting our mission to spread love and happiness through our clothing. You inspire us!