Why Quality Matters

Whether you are a long-time customer or a new friend, you have probably noticed our passion for quality. In an industry currently fascinated with fast fashion, not all products are equal, and the quality of clothing is something that often gets overlooked. Our design team shares their thoughts about why quality products are an investment worth splurging on.

  1. They fit better – Part of the problem you run into with cheap clothing, especially online, is that it won’t always fit the way you expect, or look like it did in the picture. Our products are designed to flatter and we use high-quality fabrics and finishes that won’t warp or distort with use.

  2. They look better – We’ve got a secret sauce for how to develop bangin’ outfits. After we’ve finished our design, it goes through extensive testing and multiple revisions before they go on sale. If our friends won’t wear it, we don’t sell it.

  3. They last longer – The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here. Little Black Diamond products are made locally in San Diego using modern machinery and industry best practices. The result are clothes that are built to share many adventures with you long after your other clothes have fallen apart

Snag an outfit now in the shop and see what we mean.