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Little Black Diamond featured in Japanese Magazine Kirameki

Our bay area babes Jemma Morris (model) and Ashlynn Danielsen (photographer) came together to create this futuristic shoot featuring our gear which has been published by Kirameki Magazine! Based in Orlando, Florida, this Japanese publication features visual and written artist submissions from all over the globe.

Danielsen shared her perspective and vision with us regarding the shoot:

“This shoot was a great opportunity to try out some high level equipment at my school, Academy of Art University. It was my first shoot ever dedicated completely to a magazine submission and I am so grateful to have gotten published with our photo on the cover of Kirameki Magazine. Jemma showed up with her kickass Little Black Diamond gear and we got to setting up. I wanted her face to emulate a that of a space babe who is half cyborg, half rock star, half cotton candy bouncy goodness. (Yes, she adds up to 150%.) Through lots of sweat and confusion I figured out exactly how the equipment worked. I was stunned by the high quality of both the camera and Jemma’s modeling prowess. All in all, it was an amazing shoot and I’m so blessed to be surrounded by incredibly talented ladies to help bring forth my vision.”

Pasties & The Modern Feminist Movement

pasties are not just for strippers anymore, they are a symbol of the modern feminist movement.
Boobs. They’re everywhere. And our culture is obsessed with them.

Yet when we take our tops off, put pasties on and gallivant around in public (even at festivals), the inevitable negative reaction occurs:

“SLUT. I can’t believe she just has them OUT like that.”
“There’s no way I’m letting MY girlfriend dress like THAT.”
“She’s setting a bad example for young girls who are gonna think that this is okay.”
“Wow, someone is desperate for attention.”

Yes, pasties do elicit a strong reaction. But slinging insults says a lot more about the person dishing them out than it does about the person on the receiving end.

It’s not entirely the hater’s fault–our culture is obsessed with boobs & bodies, yet we are conditioned to be ashamed of them. Plastic surgery and extreme dieting are just two examples of how our culture teaches us that our bodies are inferior. But if we show too much skin, we’re slapped with a scarlet letter and written off as a whore.

Pasties force us to stare this cultural dichotomy right in the face.

Let’s just fucking end it already. Let’s be aware of the dichotomy and ourselves. Realize that happiness–and hate–start from within ourselves, and it is our personal responsibility to monitor it. We can’t change other people, we can only change ourselves and our own perceptions of the world.

Thanks to our festival culture of acceptance and the modern feminist movement, pasties are no longer a sordid staple for strippers or women who are ‘easy’–they have transformed into a symbol of female empowerment.

Pasties send a message: I love my body, I am comfortable with who I am and I am literally baring & exposing myself to the world in a beautiful act of self acceptance and love.

It’s up to us to continue the culture of acceptance and keep the love going.

Pasquale Rotella moves Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland to Las Vegas

Pasquale Rotella is moving Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The following is a Facebook post published on Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Events’ page.

Being transparent with you, the headliners, is very important to me. You have all been asking about Beyond Wonderland SoCal. Thanks to those of you who have been patient and expressed so much interest in whether it’s happening. Here are your answers.

San Manuel is a beautiful location, but it’s clear that it cannot handle our larger Insomniac festivals right now, including Beyond Wonderland. We always want to deliver a high quality experience, even after the music ends, and while we tried our best to accommodate the large crowds and handle the traffic issues, it’s just not working yet. Instead, I’m excited to announce that we are creating new, smaller all-campout events specifically tailored for San Manuel, which will mean better traffic and less logistical issues.

We’re always looking for new venues and we are actively negotiating new homes for Beyond, Nocturnal and Escape. As soon as we secure the perfect locations, we will announce the event dates. I hoped that I would not have to write this – and part of the reason I have waited to answer your questions – was because we have identified possible locations. I want to experience this event with you as much as you all want to be a part of it, but until we have the right venue, we are not going to have Beyond Wonderland in SoCal.

There’s also been chatter about Beyond Wonderland SoCal moving to Las Vegas. For me, a festival held in another state is not a substitute for our SoCal events. I started in Southern California, and shows like Nocturnal and EDC have deep roots here. Southern California dance culture has been vibrant for more than two decades, and it’s an important place for us to be because it’s Insomniac’s home and home to so many of you.

We have an amazing new venue to announce in Las Vegas (EDC is staying at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway), but anything that takes place in this new venue will be in addition to—not in place of—anything that happens in SoCal. We are going to launch a Beyond and a Nocturnal Wonderland in Vegas.
Of course we hope you can join us at all our shows, and as always, we’ll continue to bring magical and memorable experiences to each and every venue!

We have an exciting announcement about our brother festival, Hard Summer, tomorrow so stay tuned.

While some fans are expressing their confidence in Rotella and his team, many are disappointed to hear that their favorite festivals are moving out of Southern California.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about this smaller, camp-in event still to be held in SoCal. It would seem holding a smaller event with camping would address many of the traffic issues known all to well to ravers.

Rainbow Ice Castles in Utah

Can we please have a Snowglobe-esque rager here? Salt Lake City-based photographer Ben Kuhns captured enchanting images of these LED colored Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. He perfectly captures a sense of mystery and adventure in these photos.

Check out the slideshow above, then experience more of his amazing work here.

Are my Monday Blues actually a sign of depression?

Have you ever wanted to disappear subtitles appear over a gray sky with stars

Sometimes we revel in an entire weekend of partying and debauchery only to hit those Monday blues like a sledgehammer to the psyche. But how can you break the cycle of depression when it doesn’t end on Monday, but persists all week? Or maybe even for months? Here are some self-help tips to help you or a loved one cope with depression.

#1: Make positive friends
Your friends are a reflection of your character. When the people surrounding you are positive and supportive, you are much more likely to reflect these traits as well. Identify individuals who are poisonous to your life and excommunicate them immediately. And when making plans to hang out with people, follow through and stick to them, even if you feel sad and want to stay at home.

#2: Step back
Emotions–especially depression–can cloud your judgement. The thoughts we have drive our destiny. Be aware of your self criticisms by asking yourself if you would say this to someone else. If not, you are being too hard on yourself. Many depressed people are perfectionists who hold themselves to such a high standard, then become disappointed when those standards are not met. Instead, make an effort to generate more realistic thoughts about yourself.

#3: Exercise
As Elle Woods from Legally Blonde would say, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” Working out doesn’t have to be an ornate ordeal–even going for a brisk walk is a great start and will help your body produce the happy chemicals it needs.

#4: Take care of your body
Get plenty of sleep, a little exposure to sunlight and eat a healthy, balanced diet when possible with lots of leafy greens and protein. Make sure to take proper doses of 5-HTP, Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex especially after partying to help restore your serotonin levels, energy and brain function (respectively).

For more tips on how to fight depression, check out this very thorough article here. And always remember to seek help from someone you trust or from a medical professional if you are seriously having trouble coping with your emotions.

Positivity is Key: Saving our EDM Scene

PLUR raver Shirley Dixon trades kandi with a fellow festival junkie.

We’ve all felt it before: You’re dancing with friends at a festival, vibing to some great music, when someone barges through the crowd and knocks you over on their way to the front of the stage like a quarterback sack.

Or maybe you’re decked out in all of your favorite kandi made for you by your closest friends when a bug-eyed, bandwagoning raver sprints up to you and demands that you gift them with a ‘bracelet.’ (Or maybe they skipped the pleasantries and proceeded to rip a kandi off your wrist.)

It’s the little things that people say and do that create the bigger picture. Because of incidents like these, sometimes it’s difficult to feel the love for new ravers.

The question is, how are we going to respond? Are we going to start a war with the massive influx of newcomers to the scene, which we will inevitably lose, as we have no control over the mainstream popularity of EDM? Will we blame people we don’t even know for the advent of bad trap, overplayed Beatport top 10 tracks and douchey frat boy culture?

Or will we take responsibility and try to affect change?

Ridiculing newcomers and holding disdain for all of them unconditionally will only bring the death of our culture. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been raving since the 90s–every one of us started off as a newbie. If you enjoy our scene, take it upon yourself to spread our culture of acceptance, unconditional love and mutual respect. Show everyone, veteran and green, that we do not judge based on race, sexual orientation, religion, body image, or wealth. Show them how euphoric it feels to be connected with humanity and free of prejudice.

No one can stop douchebags from douching if that is their true heart’s desire. But we can work to marginalize those people. Through positivity and respect, maybe we can help them see the light too.

Why Ravers Love Kerli

Kerli shares the kandi that her fans, or MoonChildren, have made for her as gifts.Kerli shares the kandi that her fans, or MoonChildren, have made for her as gifts.Kerli shares the kandi that her fans, or MoonChildren, have made for her as gifts.Kerli shares the kandi that her fans, or MoonChildren, have made for her as gifts.

Kerli’s appeal doesn’t stop at her angelically creepy, pitch-perfect voice, or her vivid and unique appearance (which she fondly refers to as ‘Bubblegoth’). This Estonian beauty’s crowning feature is her genuine, deep love and appreciation for her fans (MoonChildren or MoonBabies).

“These are all the kandi bracelets that MoonChildren have given me as gifts. I told them to always bring me a kandi bracelet when I’m playing a show. These are all from different fans and they’re all handmade with love. Sometimes I play shows and I just put them all on so I feel like they’re all with me.”

Love her. Thanks to Kerli Daily for creating this .gif set and happy 27th birthday Kerli!

Deadmau5 gives his Ferrari 458 a Nyan Cat paint job

Deadmau5 gives his Ferrari a Nyan Cat paint job.

Deadmau5 gives his Ferrari a Nyan Cat paint job.

Joel Zimmerman, King of the Trolls, has done it again. The internet was quick to guess that this Nyan Cat paint job would be the result after Deadmau5 posted a preview pic of his Ferrari 458 in a brand new shade of sky blue:

Deadmau5 paints his Ferrari sky blue before applying Nyan Cat decals.

The new paint job, done skillfully by Sekanskin, features Joel’s two cats on each side of the car: Meowingtons and of course Miss Nyan Cat! It definitely drew polarized opinions from fans. After tens of thousands of people published their responses in social media, Deadmau5 responded with this quip:

“if you think the car’s bad… you should see what i did to my bathroom wallpaper. Isn’t it fun to do things your own way and just not give a fuck? try it, you’ll like it. i promise. :D”

We can’t wait to see the first coffee run video in this bad boy!

Valentine’s Day 2014 Raves and Events

Looking for the perfect rave to take your lover (or find one) and dance the night away? Check these events out. We’ve even calculated the final price after service fees for you to take the guesswork out!

Flier for Valentine's weekend rave Crush by Insomniac events

Crush by Insomniac Events
Saturday, February 15th from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
San Bernardino, CA – NOS Events Center
Ages 18+
$58.75 for one ticket, $99.96 for two tickets
Buy tickets here!

When Insomniac moved to San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds, there was a large outcry to Pasquale Rotella because everyone had already fallen in love with NOS Events Center. We’re so excited Insomniac is returning to its roots for this Valentine’s event! Laidback Luke, Tritonal, Congorock and Candyland will be there, plus special guests Super 8 & Tab and Jaytech.


Love Groove by Motive Events
Saturday, February 22nd from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Los Angeles, CA – The Belasco Theatre
Ages 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink
$31.74 for GA Tier 2 tickets
Buy tickets here!

This event takes place after Valentine’s Day weekend, but we certainly don’t mind extending the celebration! The lineup is stacked with SKisM, Loadstar, Organ Donors, Darren Styles (YAY), Far Too Loud, Indecent Noise, Eddie Bitar, Orla Feeney and more artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Flier for LED's February event Anniversary III.

LED Anniversary by LED
Sunday, February 16th from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
San Diego, CA – Valley View Casino Center
Ages 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink
$86.10 for GA Tier 5, $149.25 for VIP
Buy tickets here!

For those of us going to Crush AND LED Anniversary…it’s gonna be one hell of a Valentine’s weekend! Adventure Club, Dannic, Firebeatz, Henry Fong, Showtek and Ummet Ozcan will be performing. LED Events have come along way since their small stage setup even just a year ago. They’ve evolved to a much bigger, brighter and more facemelting setup!
We’ll be at all three of these fantastic events! See you there, and watch out for cupid–he strikes at the craziest times.

Above & Beyond – On A Good Day (Acoustic) Free MP3 Download

We’ve been anxiously anticipating Above & Beyond’s acoustic album release ever since their legendary show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Here’s one song to tide you over! Click to play or download the MP3 here.

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